Craft complex with appurtenances


Riferimento 12555
Prezzo 553.000 €
Tipologia Capannone
Contratto vendita
Comune Arezzo
Mq 813
Classe energetica
Classe energetica N.D.

informazioni aggiuntive

For sale craft complex with appurtenances located in Arezzo (AR), San Zeno, Strada Statale Senese Aretina n.73. This is a real estate complex with a courtyard area located west of the urban center of Arezzo. The property consists of a two-storey office building, two warehouses adjacent to the building, a small building used as an operations room, as well as two prefabricated boxes with plant functions; the appurtenant area is divided by a fence with a driveway gate into two parts, one in a quadrangular shape on which the building complex stands and the other triangular without buildings and uncultivated.The ground floor of the office building is divided into various entrances: a first access serves the office area, a second access via an external ladder allows access to the first floor and a third access takes place from the loading / unloading cell of the warehouses. The first floor is divided into six rooms for office use, a toilet, a closet and a waiting area. The warehouses consist of three buildings consisting of garage rooms and warehouses.The central heating system is not functioning and heat pumps with external units have been installed in some rooms of the building.The state of conservation is sufficient, both in the structural parts, in the external finishes, in the fixtures and in the internal finishes. There is the presence of humidity in some points of the external and internal walls and localized infiltration of rainwater from the roof.Cadastral regularization with related charges and expenses is required by the successful bidder, to regularize some discrepancies with respect to the state of the places.Property described in the appraisal attached as "Lots 9-10".Commercial areas:Offices: 349.5 sqmWarehouses: 464 sqmTotal commercial area: 813.5 square metersFull ownership of:Craft complex (CF): Sheet 58 - Particle 93 - Cat. A / 10Courtyard area (CT): Sheet 58 - Particle 351 Visita l'immobile: